Tuesday, March 28, 2017

5 Important Tips to Run a Successful Online Business

In this day and age you don’t even need a business to have physical premises to be successful. Your website is your storefront. Your product pages your shelves. Everything can be done through virtual space. Look at companies like Amazon, then others like Uber. All have made huge world dominating companies that operate only in the online space. There’s no reason you can’t follow suit. No reason you can’t emulate huge success stories and forge your own path in the online world. That’s not to say it is easy. In fact, running an online business is extremely hard and taxing.

For a myriad of reason you can’t just rely on the native through traffic a physical business brings and have to work to pull people into your site and give it the recognition you think it deserves. Only then can people purchase from you. There are many tips and tricks that make the online business successful, but only one really matters, and that is you. It is you who is the one that makes the difference. Your attitude and determination to overcome adversity will be what makes your business succeed. Running any kind of business is a challenge, and there will be some days and months that are really hard, especially in your first year. These tips can help your business stay successful, they can give you the information you need to make positive changes and tweaks. You may have already considered some of them, but try the others to see if they work for you.

Get Everything Together In a Plan

You need to keep a grip of absolutely everything. Know what money is going where and why it is doing it. You need to keep a plan and ensure you remember what is going on. When you start losing grip of everything is when money starts slipping away and sales begin to drop. Keep everything screwed up tight and oversee all aspects of your business. If you could use some help with your online business consider a company like Digitalico media agency. This costs money however, so factor that in too. Once you have everything in a plan, like running costs, sales, employee costs, etc you can start putting your finger on what needs to be improved and what is already doing well. Now you can move onto the individual considerations.

Make Room for Products

You may be an online business, but you could be selling products that are physical in nature. If not, and you offer some kind of service that is not physical you can go ahead and skip this step. You need space to stock your products that you are going to post. Your home will only work for a certain amount of time until you need somewhere bigger. You could rent a place like a storage room, but your best bet is using some kind of warehouse. Doing this enables you to carry more stock and ship it far more quickly. Just imagine if you had a bulk order and not the items to fulfill it. You’d have to wait for the suppliers to send more products or components to you before you send them on to the address. This time could prove deadly to your business. Especially if you commit to a certain delivery time on your website. Ensure you have the stock on hand to fulfill orders. Managing this stock can be tough, especially if you use lots of it. The proper management of this stock can improve your logistics and build trust with your customers due to your fast and reliable delivery times.

Be Transparent With Customers

Customers need to build a relationship with you and they need to believe in and trust you. The huge amount of online scammers these days mean online consumers are more wary than ever. If you buy a product from an actual shop you know you can bring it back if anything goes wrong. This isn’t the case with online sellers, so naturally the community is more weary, especially if the website is quite new. You need to do all you can to solicit reviews and ask for testimonials. The power of the online review is huge. Is customers are reviewing your products or services others will see it and feel more comfortable in parting with their cash. This is furthered by allowing customers the option of being able to send the item back if they don’t like it for no extra charge. Honour refunds as much as you can, make the process simple without complex shipping costs or procedures. This will again give the customers the belief that they want. This is hard to do at first, but after a while when the trust has been built you can then start to seem reliable and as such score more sales with customers who are less trusting by nature.

Take Complaints Seriously

In an online format complaints can actually be very helpful. This is because you can act on the complaint and make it right so that other customers aren’t bothered by it. If it is about the product or service then make the necessary change within reason. It could be about delivery packaging, or perhaps your website is tough to navigate or has a glitch on one of its pages. Whatever they say, it can make you improve your business through some way, shape or form. Make the relevant changes and then you’ll receive fewer complaints. Run damage limitations too, if something especially bad has happened try to make the customer happy again by offering money off their next purchase or a gift card of some sort. The aim here is to try and stop them going and writing really bad reviews or posting on social media that can end up in really bad publicity and stopping you making a few more sales. It can be achieved if you approach it with tact and professionalism.

Be Visible

People need to know about your website. If they don’t how do you expect them to be able to purchase from it? The key is fairly straightforward. Play around with Google analytics and you’ll see how keywords play a huge part in search engines. Being visible is paramount and something physical business owners worry much less about. You can use agencies to help you of course, but you can also do some of it yourself. First you need to take advantage of social media. Millions of people use it every single day and it can be a platform for success.

You can approach this in two ways. 1) Paid advertising and 2) business page promotion. If you have time then the latter is more important. Create a business page, and from it post quality and relevant content that your target audience can get to grips with and relate too. If you do this you will soon get some hits back to your website. Make sure the content has clear links back to your website or relevant product pages. Try to post a few articles a week and make sure they are all relevant. If you don’t think you are a good writer then consider a freelancer. Don’t use click bait tactics either, it will bury your business in annoyance. People hate click bait and only weak businesses use it. Be up front and reliable, then the sales will follow. Remember to exploit all of social media and not just one source. You have Twitter, Facebook and more niche ones like LinkedIn.

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